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Next Teacher Interview

Teacher and Administrator Interviewing: 9 Steps to Success offers a new and innovative system to help teachers improve their interviewing skills. This new approach to teacher interview training was created and fine-tuned by the author, Dr. Ron Dexter, after personally conducting more than four hundred one-on-one mock interviews with teacher candidates.

By studying Dr. Dexter's system and practicing the interview questions which are organized into categories, you begin to understand how to respond effectively, and in most cases, you are not so overwhelmed with the interviewing process. With practice and reflection using this system, you will go into the interview knowing what to expect, your confidence will be increased, and your interviewing skills will improve significantly.

The book provides 46 questions that are typical interview questions asked by most school districts. Suggested responses to each question are written by the author and teachers who are experienced and have a high level of expertise.

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Other unique features of the book include:

  • An up-to-date and extensive list of acronyms which new teacher candidates need to know.
  • Expert advice by the author and experienced teachers on how to respond to important and sometimes difficult questions pertaining to mission, philosophy, student success, differentiated instruction, classroom environment, instructional strategies, assessment, student management, literacy instruction, cultural literacy, parent communication, and multicultural education.
  • A section on school administrator interviewing with an explanation of the qualities school districts are looking for in hiring a principal or assistant principal, typical administrator interview questions, and tips and suggestions to help administrative candidates get the position they dream about.
  • This book does not contain "filler material." It is written concisely to include only the essential information teacher candidates need to know to improve their teacher interviewing skills.
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“Dr. Dexter’s book offers a unique insight into the process for a teacher’s interview. For any teacher looking to improve their techniques in an interview, here is a book that goes straight to the areas that one needs in order to be successful. From cover to cover, it provides an in-depth analysis of a Nine Step Process that we as teachers must know when heading into an interview. I don’t know of any other book that offers as much depth as this one--it is a must have that will get you to the front of the pack.”
Graduate student